Monday, July 08, 2013


This 4th of July I actually planned a wee tiny bit ahead and took my tripod to the fireworks display in Lake Norden. This is truly the first time I have ever tried getting the fireworks shots WITH a tripod and I'm not quite sure - I "think" these were by far the best ones and I'm sure I need more practice. For the camera gurus out there, I actually ended up getting the best results in Aperture mode with the lowest F-stop I could do with my lens - F 2.8 and I used a higher ISO - I think it was 640. I read up on shooting fireworks before I went, but these settings was what was working for me. You know, it's really hard to change all those settings in the total darkness too! Maybe next year I will practice again. 

I love the baseball field picture. I think it would be so fun to shoot team pictures one time after the game with the lights of the field on. I may have to try it!!

This one below is just sort of amazing - although it does not even look like fireworks to me. I think of fishing lures - hmmm... time to fish? (I don't really fish at all!)

And this bottom one was one I quick took at home while the kids were lighting some off. I just love the flag in the background. 

Feel free to share any firework shooting tips with me - I'm still learning this art!

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