Saturday, June 22, 2013

Aho Family

I was privileged to capture these two little cuties and their mom and dad on camera. What a fun family. The day was beautiful and we ended up with my favorite picture of all. If you scroll down I will tell you why. Sorry mom and dad, this story is just too adorable and ingenious to keep a secret. 

Look at those eyes! 

My Destiny looked at this picture and exclaimed that Emmett looks just like his daddy. 

This is Emmett with his dog. You see, his parents won't let him get a "real" dog at home as they have dogs out on the farm and live in town. Emmett does have his own dog, as seen in the picture. This dog has a very special name: "REAL PUPPY." Yes, that's right, Real Puppy is the dog's name. I'm still laughing so hard at this cute little boy and his puppy and asking myself, "Why didn't I think of that?" Real Puppy doesn't make messes on your floors, doesn't require food or water or anyone to let him out to go to the bathroom. These parents are pure genius and I have dog poo to go clean up. (Just kidding - I hope!)

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