Monday, March 25, 2013

Online CF Auction

We are putting together an Online Auction for CF and it is getting exciting!!!!/events/494854333883711/

Follow the link to check it out. It is a Facebook Event and officially runs from April 6-13. I am still taking donations and putting up items as I get them. We are still looking for donations!! If you have an item or two to donate please let me know, or if you have any businesses that you would not mind asking, please let me know. I am praying this will be a huge success. So far, the bidding has begun and is really fun to watch. I might have to bid on a few items myself. I am loving some items. Here are a few examples to get you in the bidding mood.

A special thanks to all who have already donated and all that are already bidding. I am already blown away by what you have done. I have some of the best friends ever! I could hug you all. It's sometimes so hard to even ask for a donation and to hear someone say no is often even harder, especially when it is a cause so close to my heart. It's lives, it's Dannika's life, it's just plain hard! I always try to just leave it in the Lord's hands and it will be what is is supposed to be. Thanks for checking it out.

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