Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wishes Come True

Today was a whirlwind, and an exciting one at that. The South Dakota Make a Wish has now granted 1000 wishes! As my Dannika is sound asleep in our Los Angelas hotel I am feeling so very thankful to such a wonderful organization that has helped to make our Dannika's wish come true. 
We arrived at the airport in a limo to balloons and camera crews and tv reporters and even the Argus was there to interview us not to mention the many Make a Wish board members and volunteers who helped carry all our bags, greet us with signs and balloons and friendly South Dakota faces! 
As I listened to Dannika answering questions I heard that little cough. The one that sounds like a tickle in someone's throat that could be the start of a cold, but for Dannika it may mean something more. I'm not dwelling on that tickle but focusing on a fun getaway this week. We have to live life to the fullest for every moment we can!
I look in the mirror these days and see myself older and wiser and perhaps more wrinkled and bags appearing under my eyes. These past two years have aged me BUT I also see wiser and smarter and hopefully a way better person! (;-)) 

here's the link to one of the news stories. I will see if i can get the other links as well.

And I have not seen the Argus yet. I am thinking that will be in the Valentine's Day issue perhaps?

Here's to a warm day in L.A. and Universal today and Good Luck Charlie tomorrow! 
Happy Valentine's Day to you all. May love surround you all!

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Angel said...

It looks like you all were off to a good start! I hope your trip is going well. We are praying for you. Thanks for our conversation, you were an encouragement. I had been talking to God earlyer in the day needing just such a conversation. Angel