Monday, February 04, 2013

Sewing Project

My Super Bowl Sunday was pretty lame according to my middle children. We were not invited to any Super Bowl Party. We did not host anyone over to enjoy Super Bowl with us. Yes, a little anti-social is what we have become. I'm thrilled, but my kids thought it was just plain lame. They wanted to call every person they could think of to see if they could come over to watch with us. I, however, loved my time at home. Destiny was happy to sit with her Daddy and watch TV, without needing stickers. Devan and Dannika tried to snowboard down the big hill across the street from our house. Dyllan seems to have found a new love for Grey's Anatomy. I have watched that show forever - since the beginning! I watched it via DVR the other night and Dyllan happened to be there. He wanted to know all the beginnings of the show. Luckily, or not so luckily, depending on how you view that show (it is a little bit naughty in my humble opinion, but I still love it), he found it on Netflix and decided to watch it the ENTIRE day! Then, he had a Super Bowl party to go to, much to Devan's dismay. AND I - took on a sewing project! I have made this purse once before, but I had a birthday present I wanted to make all on my own! I dug out this pattern and got to work! I LOVE how it turned out. Above is the pattern. Below is the one I made.

And the inside has some great pockets on the sides. The only thing I would change next time is the handles. They seem a little wide for me, making it harder to actually open, so we will have to see what the recipient of this one actually thinks about it. It makes me want to make another one - so maybe!!! It truly put me in the sewing mood.

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