Thursday, February 07, 2013

Impromptu Photo Shoot

And here is Olive. What a cute name. I just like to say it over and over.  Destiny got invited over to Olive's house to be a "model!" Olive's mom makes these Reading Nooks for kids and she wanted to get some pictures of them with kids inside. How fun. Her camera was not working - dead batteries and I had thrown mine in the vehicle just to have. So, I got to take a few pictures.

These two cutie patooties just make me laugh.

And here is one where you can see the whole Nook. This is the large size she will be making and I believe she said this one was gender neutral. If you are interested in purchasing any Reading Nooks for your sweet children to hang out in you can contact Mindy Eggers in Lake Norden. My girls loved them and thought they were so fun. They come with reading lights in each level too. The top has a pillow and matching cushion for a little padding and curtains on both levels. I could imagine kids hiding out for hours (this may be a dream in my house - a pipe dream - as it seems there is no hanging out on their own at all - not unless I would want to squeeze myself into the nook and hide in it myself. Hey, that may be a great idea.)

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