Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Homemade Paper Towels

I've seen these on Pinterest but one of the facebook sites I "LIKE" had them for sale and I caved. Yes, it was not one of those "necessities", but in the long run, I think it can save me money. I was super curious to see how they were made and to try them out myself.
Mountain Babes is the name of the company and you can find the link here.

These were 12 snap apart towels for $45.00 plus some shipping. I KNOW I can make them cheaper, but now I really know how instead of guessing. These particular ones have snaps to hook them together and I think I would like to try Velcro instead. I am a little scared to actually use them. Yes, dumb, I know, but they look so pretty and I will get them dirty. We do go through a lot of paper towels, but for some instances, I would still prefer the paper towel itself I think. Dannika does her saline nasal rinse every morning and I am thinking to have her blow her nose on these may just be a little gross, but I suppose, I would wash it right away anyway. Hmmm.... and remember hankies in the "olden days?' I still remember my dad always having one in his pocket. I have no idea if he still carries them.

Update from our Make a Wish Trip is coming SOON. I'm still not sure on if I can post any pictures from the Good Luck Charlie shoot itself, but I will find out for sure. I can tell you, it was a blast and more details to come.


Stephanie said...

We use hankies. :) They come clean no problem in a warm wash.

Also I've used rags and towels in the kitchen for years. I've caught plenty of people looking around my kitchen in bewilderment for the paper towels.

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