Sunday, January 27, 2013

Clean pans from Pinterest!

My Pinterest addiction made for some clean pans this afternoon. Peroxide - the product of choice for this "Pin." I just read through a few of the ideas on how to clean with Peroxide and one was to make a paste with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda and let it sit on your stained and grimy looking pans. They suggested 30 minutes and I will admit, I was a bit too inpatient for that. I waited ... maybe 15 minutes ... before I started scrubbing. And.... it did work! 

You can see the Pinterest Link here.

This old pan above had grimy corners from using Pam cooking spray or a similar generic version of the spray. I do love that stuff and how it makes for non-stick, but I do NOT like the residue it leaves one bit. I am trying to simply grease my own pans from now on, using Crisco or butter. It it so much easier to clean and leaves no residue. I ruined one Pampered Chef fry pan because of the Pam spray. It seemed to eat off the finish and left an ugly looking pan that I could not get clean looking. Now, the guarantee from Pampered Chef has the exclusions of cooking spray and using the dishwasher, so that seemed to open my eyes a bit.  

This is an old cookie sheet - before I used the peroxide paste. This thing was a wedding present, which was MANY years ago and it is by far my favorite cookie sheet. The Air Bake cookie sheets that will be 19 years old in just a few months. NOW - that is creepy! I remember how my mom had her favorite old pans and I used to think she should throw them out and buy new ones. Now, I know why she didn't. I can't do it either. I have bought new ones, trying to replace these old things, but I keep pulling these out of the cupboard. They are by far the best! It was not horribly grimy and certainly still usable, but it really was starting to get ugly! I could not wash it off with just dish soap and water. Believe me, I have tried! I found that if I used more paste, rather than less, it worked much better. Also, the best scrubbing method, that took the grime off the fastest was my fingers. After a bit of rubbing, the paste turned to a blue-grey color and it was like magic paste. It did not take off the big chunks that easily, but the flat discoloration in now shiny silver again. It is certainly worth a try if you have grimy looking pans. I would suggest letting it soak on there for the full 30 minutes, and be generous with your paste. If you use your fingers, they will turn white. It does go away and your fingers will be very clean when finished. Give it a try and let me know what other Peroxide tips you try! 

AND - my clean cookie sheet - almost clean.... there are still some more chunks but I'm going to let them soak for a bit longer and try again. It is by far better than before. 

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