Sunday, November 18, 2012

Schmuck Family

This sweet family came to have pictures taken and I was thrilled to get some smiling ones of little Avery. She was just so funny. Wait until you see the last picture and you will know JUST what I mean. Destiny had just been over to their house for Drake's birthday party and she was convinced she needed to be out in the studio "helping." Thankfully, a friend came over to corral the girls inside so I could concentrate. Although she may have gotten some good smiles, I may have had a heart attack!

This one may be my favorite - love all those perfect smiles!

And this may be a favorite of little Avery - we were all wondering why she got so many pictures, but... that's what happens when you are the baby girl, right?

And here is the "look." Love this look even if it may not be the perfect smile. It sure makes me laugh!
Thanks for such a fun evening of pictures Schmuck family!

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